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Academic Teaching

Connect with fellow teachers, educators to discuss about topics that apply to academic teaching in Singapore schools. Share your queries, fears, experience, funny stories and challenges with teaching peers.

General Teaching

Dedicated to topics on general teaching in non-academic areas. Share your queries, fears, experience, funny stories and challenges with coaching, mentoring, training, instructing, tutoring and freelancing peers.

Networking for Parents

Connect with fellow parents on prepping your child for a world of learning. Use this category to share your queries, scout for opinions on shortlisted schools, socialize with parents of kids attending the same school as your little one.


Connect with fellow parents to discuss parent-child relationships. Use this category to share your queries on engaging your child, share tips on home-based learning, discuss the shifting needs of a growing child.

Under The Sun

Discuss about anything under the sun. This category is for anyone to chit chat and post about anything that is fun, interesting, news-worthy in this sunny island of ours.


This category is dedicated to the mundane but necessary process of growing up to be a responsible adult. Discuss adulting topics, learn from peers and indulge in a laugh or two on the passage of life.


– Archived – A dedicated category for ex-SGtalk members to discuss current affairs and local news in Singapore. Say hi to familiar friends and make new ones while engaging in friendly banter.

News & Feedback

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