Chief nurse lauded for contribution to Singapore's COVID-19 fight says nursing tough, but rewarding

‘A team sport’: Chief nurse lauded for contribution to Singapore’s COVID-19 fight says nursing tough, but rewarding

15 Jul 2021 11:47AM
(Updated: 15 Jul 2021 11:50AM)


SINGAPORE: When she first decided to enter nursing, Ms Christina Lim based her decision on the grounds that nursing would provide a “lifelong assured occupation”. An added bonus, she said, was the nurse’s uniform - having a uniform meant she would not have to concern herself with an officewear wardrobe.

“It was a 19-year-old’s decision at that point,” she said.

“When I finished my training and started working, I actually found that it was a very rewarding job and I enjoyed it.”

More than three decades later, Ms Lim, now 51, is the chief nurse at Sengkang General Hospital - a hospital she helped design.

“When I joined the team, I was asked to lead the inpatient design team to design how the infrastructure of the inpatient ward facilities would be like, as well as various intensive care units and high dependency units, to make sure that the layout suited the workflow the hospital required,” she said.

While it is not the norm for nurses to be involved in the designing of hospitals, Ms Lim said that nurses are aware of the various operational and infection control needs of the hospital as they are involved in “almost every workflow”.