Chio bu died in movie very poor thing

chio bu seduce a rich guy to be his mistress.

3 guys decide to gang rape her and post the video online. Everybody saw the video. The rich guy break up with her.

She went to learn martial arts, went for plastic surgery and than seduce another rich guy.

The 3 guys decide to gang rape her again to punish her.

She came out with a trick.

She give them her atm card to draw her money. 2 of them went out to take her money.

She told the other guy she need to pang sai so he untie her

She beat him up.

He: please don’t kill me. I have a wife and kids to take care of.

She: when you gang rape me and i beg you, why didn’t you let me off?

He: i am sorry. You report police ok. If you kill me you will get death sentence.

At this time the 2 guys came back.

They fight with her but could not defeat her.

The 3rd guy take a knife and stab her.

She: please don’t kill me. I let you off just now.

He: you can only blame your own stupidity.

He than stab her cb 100 times.

This chio bu very poor thing hor?