Dental - Tooth Extraction

Guys! How much does it cost to extract a tooth.
Will there be any Medical Leave given by the dentist. Is MC from dentist accepted as Medical Leave entitlement by company.

I think you can google to find out price info.

Not long ago, I had my wisdom tooth extracted. It’s non-surgical, so 2 days of MC was given. Doc told me that, if it’s surgical, then I’m entitled to 5 days of MC. I was charged ~$380 after 10% (VIP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) discount.

By the way, if it’s surgical, one can use Medisave to pay.

$380/- for a tooth extraction. Certainly is not cheap. Yours is a wisdom tooth. I guessed extraction of other type of tooth will be cheaper. Mine is the tooth next to the wisdom tooth. But only the lower half and a third of the upper half remain. Two third of the upper half fill-up cavity has worn away recently. I think it will be difficult to extract and a surgery may be needed. Currently there is no pain but I felt uncomfortable when the top tooth and bottom tooth are in contact. I think if surgery is needed it wld cost a bomb.

Usually tooth extraction is simple process. You need a surgery if your tooth break half way at the gum line.

I will be doing my 2nd wisdom tooth extraction soon as it is already decay though no pain. This one might need surgery as it’s impacted and not fully erupted.

Do you currently wear dentures for lost teeth?

Usually if it’s one or two lost teeth, people would do any implant. In layman’s terms, it means fixing an artificial tooth at the site where the natural tooth was.

Mine wld need surgery as it break half at the gum with just a third of the upper half still standing. Surgery should be painful and expensive. No I don’t wear dentures for lost teeth. I have a lost tooth on the right side also the tooth next to the wisdom tooth decade’s ago. Now I will be losing the left.

I don’t think I need an implant as the lost teeth is inside and not at the front. But, I wld hv to forgo my cashew nuts, peanuts.
How much does an implant cost?

On average one implant should cost about $2200 to $2300, but you can pay for half of it with your Medisave.

It’s cheaper in JB and a lot of Singaporeans used to go there to do implants, but now with covid, you know lar…

if the root of the tooth is not decayed, you can consider doing tooth crown. best is to get doc’s advice first.

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2 x 2300 = $4,600. Wow! That expensive. Thanks for the info.

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