Google or Twitter social logins for fuss-free access

If you are an existing Google or Twitter user, you can bypass Chalk’s registration process and simply use its respective social login for fuss-free access.


  1. Click on Sign Up button located at the top right.

  2. Instead of the usual email address registration on the left, locate your preferred social login on the right side of the form.

  3. Read through the terms and requested permissions, enter your Google or Twitter credentials if ok to proceed.

  4. Once verified, you will be able to access Chalk.

  5. For future visits, clicking on your chosen social login will automatically log you in.

Successful social logins

After logging in via Google or Twitter successfully, you can find details of the account by navigating to Account under Associated Accounts. If you wish to unplug the account, simply click on the Trash can icon.

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