Help decide on an icon

Welcome ex-SGtalk members, this space is for you to continue having discussions while the forum you are used to is being sorted out.

As a way of welcoming you, please help to decide on an icon to represent this category :smiley: The icon appears next to the category name for ease of identification.

There are over 1,000 icons so instead of listing them here, please navigate to the full list here. Share and discuss here to see if the rest agrees.


got any icon dats show 2 man fighting or quarreling?


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Sgtalk is all about feud and quarrel.


Most are mild-mannered, very little to none of the feuding, me vs you type :sweat_smile:

  • Traditional ones based off the same speech bubble design

  • People-oriented

  • Some fun ones

Have a closer look and feel free to recommend/discuss further.

Hey admin, you must be an ex-sgtalker. What was your previous incarnation there? :thinking:

Welcome! I didn’t frequent sgtalk previously, but can empathize with the admin there. Running a forum is not easy, so wanted to lend a helping hand where possible.

That said, I do not know the true story why it is currently down. Obviously we are mindful that the same could happen here, so I have instructed my moderators to be firm but fair when serving you so that we can continue to grow this community.

Fair enough. Thanks for replying and the welcome. :kissing_heart:

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Traditional ones - comments icon (white)
People oriented - users icon

And ranting, find quarrel, curse, swear …… to de-stress to have fun :alien:
I miss SGtalk nude emoji leh … :weary:

how about comment-dot and add some colors to it

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