Keeping track of topics that interest you

Chalk has three different methods available Reminder Bookmarks, Tracking mode and Followed Users for you to keep track of topics or posts that interest you. Feel free to experiment on the combination that suits your needs.

Reminder Bookmarks :bookmark:

This is the traditional bookmark or favourite feature most are familiar with. When you click on the bookmark icon for a topic or post, it gets saved to My Bookmarks which you can come back to later.

Click on the bookmark icon to bring up a prompt. Click on the Save button directly to save it as a typical bookmark, or explore the reminder feature.

Expand to read more about the reminder feature

You can click save or simply click out of the modal and a normal bookmark will be saved, with no name or reminder (note how “No reminder needed” is selected by default). You can now also specify a name for the bookmark to help you remember why you bookmarked it 15. Otherwise you can choose from the following:

Later today — Now + 3 hours, rounding to half-hour intervals. Cutoff time for this is 5pm (so 2pm is the latest you can select this option).
Next business day — Mon-Fri at 8am. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this option will be Monday, the rest of the time it will be the same as Tomorrow.
Next week — Now + 7 days at 8am.
Next month — The current date next month at 8am.
Custom date and time — Allows you to specify your own date and time for the reminder.
Any time the “Custom date and time” option is selected we we will remember the input you chose and next time you bookmark a post another reminder option will be shown:

Last — The last entered custom date and time, as long as that date and time is in the future
Setting topic-level bookmarks and clearing bookmarks for a whole topic works the same way as what it used to.

Additionally, you can specify an auto-delete option for bookmarks:


Tracking mode :bell:

Every topic will have a tracking function indicated by the bell icon. By default, all topics are tracked in normal mode. You can adjust the intensity of tracking by choosing the desired mode.


Followed Users :footprints: :bust_in_silhouette:

Chalk allows you to follow other members. This will allow you to track topics and posts from fellow members you find interesting or buddies with.

Click on the member’s profile and click on Follow.

Once you have successfully followed a member, their topics and posts will show up on your Following list.