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The Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Tuesday (July 13) night that there is likely ongoing transmission at three KTV clubs and lounges.

They are Club Dolce (Balestier Point), WU Bistro (Golden Mile Complex) and Club De Zara (Textile Centre).

It is investigating cases of Covid-19 infection among Vietnamese social hostesses who had frequented KTV lounges or clubs currently operating as food and beverage outlets.

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Many of the pubs and KTV converted to bistros so they can continue biz… Else how to pay rent and salary?

Tough times…

Sg version of ah Kong shops in taiwan.sibei jialat

no big deal la… rules will be tightened for ktvs, den wait for few weeks for the numbers to come down.

life goes on.

A total of 41 new COVID-19 cases in Singapore are linked to the KTV lounge cluster, a situation that Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said is “very troubling and disappointing”.

The 41 cases are among 56 new locally transmitted infections announced on Wednesday (Jul 14).

There are now 53 cases linked to the KTV lounge cluster, including a passenger of a Dream Cruises ship who tested positive on board.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Mr Ong said: “We knew about cases like that happening in Korea, in Hong Kong nightlife, people coming very close together, some with hostesses, and leading to big clusters. So we have never allowed such activities for the past more than one year.

“And so any outlets providing hostess services, dice games and all this very close contact, were never allowed, knowing and learning from the experiences of places like Hong Kong and Korea. So for this to now happen has been troubling (and) disappointing.”

The police will take action against lounges and hostesses who may have breached safe management measures, he added.

Opened too early

Need to know if they are vaccinated or not.

not to late to learn about KTV’s problem.

should close KTV and similar places for a few years until situation is clear

Eat oredi must return trays properly hor :yum:

Sibei jialat

Could be those PRC operated ones flying under the radar doing hanky panky biz !

SINGAPORE: Singapore reported 42 new locally transmitted COVID-19 infections as of noon on Thursday (Jul 15), of which 33 belong to a KTV cluster.

There are now 87 cases linked to the KTV cluster.

Of the 42 new locally transmitted infections, 17 were linked to previous cases and were already quarantined while 20 were linked to previous cases and detected through surveillance testing.

Five cases are currently unlinked, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) in its preliminary daily update.

There were also six imported cases, who were placed on stay-home notice or isolated upon arrival. Four were detected upon arrival in Singapore while two developed the illness during stay-home notice or isolation.

KTV … butterfly kind … for sure lah …. lucky I been a very good boy …… hang harrr :crossed_fingers:

Know what ah leong said about these places… beri dark ones

Why every time when PAP ministers relax the measures for 5 people to meet, COVID cases will surge?

This is the second time that this kind of thing has happened.

Is it because our ministers have no foresight or inexperienced or impatient or what ?

We r in Endemic so it’s d norm

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These days always got a nice liner to praise Singaporeans for keeping safe and giving credit to the people.

No more scolding daft etc.