Personalize forum skin - available colour schemes 🎨

Personalize the look of your Chalk interface by choosing a forum skin (colour scheme) of your liking. Whether it be a basic, boring, fun, professional, mysterious or modern look you are after, we’ve got it covered!

Available colour schemes
Default skins available to all members are Whiteboard and Blackboard, while fans get access to twelve more colour schemes, making it a total of fourteen to choose from.

Light colours
Default: Whiteboard
Exclusive to fans: Purple, Sunflower, Mario, L.Grey, Ice, Bubblegum

Dark colours
Default: Blackboard
Exclusive to fans: Chalkboard, Cyberpunk, D.Grey, Navy, Dracula, Solarized


  1. Navigate to Preferences
  2. Under Colour Scheme section, select from either the Regular or Dark mode dropdown list
  3. Regular dropdown list has both light and dark colour schemes, whereas Dark mode dropdown list shows only dark colour schemes. This allows selection of dark colour schemes across both modes if that’s your preference
  4. Once selected, the new colour scheme will show instantly as a preview
  5. Click the Save Changes button for the colour scheme to persist
Expand to see a visual demonstration

Change Colour Scheme