Remodeling 5I HDB Kitchen Cost $26,215 + $400 + $650 = $27,265

No bullshit, see proof below

$400 for contractor to dismantle old kitchen cabinets

There is an old air cond piping casing behind the old kitchen cabinets, extra $250 to dismantle casing plus the air con fan coil which is useless, not working

$650 for contractor to extend skirting for kitchen cabinets by 5cm and realign water pipes

Ask talent to help u move items :money_mouth_face:

Toilet walls and floor $12,200 per toilet, excluding fittings like toilet sink, toilet bowl

Two toilets will cost me $24,400 base price only, may increase later

Already paid $800 deposit today, no bullshit

Personally I think it’s expensive. Did you get a few quotes before settling for the current contractor?

Kitchen drawers, cabinets, sink, hob, hood, countertop I purchased direct from the vendor/supplier so no contractor cost involved

Only the dismantling work for $400 + $250 and skirting/water pipe realignment work for $650 by contractor

Perplexing to differentiate many keys for which locks

No bullshit lar, see proof below

Ya true. I renovated one of my toilets 3 years ago. It’s about $10k excluding toilet bowl, basin and accessories.

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You didn’t ask the contractor to itemize the costs

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change to a low cost digital door lock and do away with the keys


These are part of the costs…

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This is the end result :upside_down_face:

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5354 also here now