Sharing how 20 years ago I start to pcc

20 years ago I watch this movie 南拳王II.

The plot is about opium war. A kungfu master and 2 of his students try to bring weapons to lin zexu to fight the british.

The british hired a chio bu clut leader to kill them.

In the final battle, the 2 students fought against her followers. The master fought against her lover and killed him.

Than she fought against the master and defeat him. His 2 students killed all her followers and came to help him. The 3 of them together killed her.

From than on, when I see chio bu, I will pcc that she is a good person who kana gang rape by 3 evil guys. They also killed her lover.

She went to learn martial arts and become a martial arts expert to protect herself.

But the 3 evil guys came back to kidnap and piak her again.

They told her if she defeat them they will let her go. She defeated them but they gang up to outnumber her and kill her.

This is how I pcc.

What about you guys?

How’s your uncle?

i use my hand.

Really cock king

exbabu had demonstrated many times in sgtalk how he pcc while sitting on the floor

Very difficult to follow. Got drawings to illustrate?