testing from ex sgtalker

testing from ex sgtalker

Testing also… :slightly_smiling_face: :face_vomiting: :cowboy_hat_face:

Many others MIA. Hope they can find this place

testing testing

Reunion time.:grin:

All the pailang coming here.


test test test.

paging for the stupid S4Stupid.


:raising_hand_man:kee chiu

are you the Admin?

Ping ping …. tangsen reporting in

wabiang…it took a while for me to figure how to post :sweat:

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Aiya, new home always need to learn how to flush the new toilet mah …. after awhile we will be fine :ok_hand:


Now I try to figure how to upload avatar…after more than 10 mins, I still donno how :woozy_face:

Go to top left-hand corner “3 dots” Click and a drop down, go to account preference. you see account summay … down there, go to account …

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welcome back, brother Tangsen!

later then try…now market is open haha

Good to see familiar faces again :vulcan_salute:

No lah. Was from sgtalk but kena banned due to a mistaken post.

what was your nick there?