Today how, ExBB?



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Let me lure …….

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Ex BB run to don’t know where liao. Maybe he visited the ktv, now got to hide.

Will his new nick be ExExBB?

Today going to be another very bad day.

Ring fence a bit too late. Many also pai seh to go tested

Exploding now

That Lao CB haven’t come in yet ah

Blockquote There is likely an ongoing transmission of the coronavirus at four more KTV lounges and clubs operating as food and beverage outlets, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said yesterday.

They are One Exclusive, Level 9 (L9), Terminal 10 and Club M.

All except one are located at 114 Middle Road. Terminal 10 is in Clarke Quay.

The ministry is investigating Covid-19 infections among social hostesses who frequented these and similar premises, as well as their close contacts.

To break any potential chain of transmission and enable deep cleaning, these premises will be closed from today to July 29.

Since the close down of SGtalk, exBB has been wandering homeless spirit
Calling exBB calling exBB ……

I am the real h4h.

Hey guys, things are getting a little heated here.

Please be kind and keep things on track or this topic will be closed.

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