What sets Chalk apart from other discussion forums or social media chat groups?

Chalk is ad-free, user-centric, community-based and open-source

  • Ad-free: We commit to an ad-free experience. Ads have become a necessity for many. Not here.

  • User-centric: Built with users in mind, there is a myriad of controls for creating and accessing content. The user interface is also highly customizable via personal user preferences and presented in an optimal view for the device of your choosing

  • Community-based: We are all about creating a thriving community. Make new friends and connect with others on topics close to your heart. As you participate in conversations and contribute to the community, you will be granted advanced member functions. Proven members who have been with us for a while can also choose to exercise basic moderator rights to keep the community healthy through self moderation.

  • Open-source: Based on open-source Discourse, we had the freedom to adapt the technology layer for a Singapore audience. Being open-source, the forum will be enhanced continuously as the platform improves. We hope you fall in love with the fast loading speed, modern features and intuitive UI that was designed for asynchronous written conversations.