What's are the do and don't here?

What are the TnC? Where can I read or … its a wild wild whack !!!
Or I can express like my usual self in SGtalk :stuck_out_tongue:


Very long … I just learn along the way …. hope kenna warning then I stop :laughing: :laughing:

There is a flag icon :wink:

Hope I don’t get too many …. :pirate_flag: :smiling_imp:

That flag icon is situated just below each post on the right. Very easy to accidentally hit it during scrolling with the thumb if reading on the mobile phone.

Anyone knows how to undo if that happened?

If the moderator is also ex sgtalker, should be ok unless that forumer is really too much :grin:

The main forum look like dealing with education stuff and they gave us this little corner call talksg for shelter. Since this is an education forum, so I guess must be quite strict like schools and moderator like discipline masters. Lets wait for Goat Flower to make the first attack move, then we see how… :grinning:

siang si admin?

Can feedback in this section

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Welcome! Thank you for asking about the rules here.

We have community guidelines and Acceptable Use terms which we encourage everyone to be familiar with.

For details on the full terms, please navigate to Terms of Service.