Where the CCP & White Trashes Slaves?

No more war? No more propoganda?
Like that bery boring leh

this is sgtalk without all the bickering…



Bery quiet bery sleepy leh …

Just like Bukit Merah HC reopen first few days no biz lor. Zzzzz

TalkingStock, Obamao, rat28 and gang were killed inside when Sgtalk collapsed at midnight on 8 Jul. Yanghua managed to escape but dares not to use the same nick anymore, he stole h4h’s nick to fool people around. :roll_eyes:

Sgtalk forum used to be very quiet, when you post something must wait for someone to respond the next day, after CNA closed down, traffic started picking up, hope the the same happens here.

when they appear this place will become the old sgtalk

whereas yanghua is a lao you tiao he knows how to survive in any forum even kena pbanned

Goto https://sgtalk.net/ … both gangs are there… :rofl:

like everything very slow…feeling zzzzx

enjoy the peacefulness before century and Omini find their here. :rofl:

Yanghua is notorious, he creates other people’s nicks in different forums, he created hforhappy here, as a result brother h4h has difficulty to register, so he has to use hforhappy1 instead. He also created my nick in another forum…really shameless and disgraceful .