Wishing Everybody Huat Huat!

Sniff Sniff :innocent: :grin: :smiley:


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Hello!! Hello !! Bro finally we meet here again … what a small world…tio boh?!!


Thanks to the bro or sis who introduced this forum :star_struck:

Ha Choo!

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Never ask your favorite question?


Is it smelly? Sniff Sniff :grin: :star_struck: :kissing_heart:


I recalled there was a time we did this recognition test when we first shifted From CNA to sgtalk. Lol

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So far have not huat,

How to huat, huat???


I remember you and your leg hair :laughing:

Omg… Lol those were the days… Now start Mt Liang thread also no visitors… Lol

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Hi Sis! How are you? How come you got a 1 behind?

This forum does not let me post more than a couple of posts and then have to wait some time b4 posting again.

This is my 4th post.

Did they remove the post count restriction I wonder.

6th post

this one is goat flower

hmmm cannot load video hor?

Hfourhappy1 is the same as Hfourhappy in SgTalk. There is no Hfourhappy here…for now. :laughing:

After SgTalk closed down, he went to HWZ to post as lchlch which I found amusing because when he was in SgTalk, he said he was not going there because that forum was blah blah blah, but now, he ate his words! Lol!

Anyway, he also registered a user id H4H in reddit, quarreled with a member there…so fast he ran into trouble liao… got his post removed by the mod, who told him not to use abusive language, and he argued with the mod. I doubt he will return there… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Anyway, let’s see if he will morph back to being a man here…

Anthony ah Anthony! :grin:


wah you real stalk him from forum to forum ah? :laughing: